#1. Quiet Moves

Chess beginners think that a good move is always spectacular and aggressive. Wrong ! Even when you are winning, keep looking for the quiet moves which greatly enhance your structure while maintaining the pressure. 

"Quiet moves often make a stronger impression than a wild combination with heavy sacrifices" - Mikhail Tal

When winning, fight the urge to force a quick win. Keep looking for the quiet moves which improve your position.

White to play, what’s the best move ?

White is clearly winning here. When people are winning, they try to force the position to snatch a quick victory. But here, if you try to check the black king, you lose control of one key square and allow the king to get out of his cage. 

The right move here is to put the white king on h2. 

Bonus : when you’re making wild sacrifices, the opponent sees where you are going. When you play a quiet move in the middle of a heated exchange, your opponent will spent a lot of time trying to figure out your plan.